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Seadragon publishes fact-based children’s fiction that explores the extraordinary world we share with all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures, including each other!
Two children reading a book with flashlights in tent in the evening on the river bank
Group of multi-cultural children reading on window seat

What we do

Through informative and imaginative storytelling, Seadragon brings children relatable, thoroughly-researched stories to raise their awareness of health and well-being, history, sciences and the arts.


Seadragon’s first series is a picture book trilogy for primary school children about a gang of grime-loving tooth fiends called The Rotters, based on the bacteria in our mouths that kickstart decay.

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Front and rear cover of The Rotters book by Cazzie Phillips
Seadragon founder Caroline Phillips sitting in a sunny garden

About us

Seadragon was founded by Caroline Phillips to create children’s books that unravel some of life’s more difficult conversations when simple answers just aren’t good enough.

Caroline’s background in journalism, and experience of over 20 years in multimedia production and communications, have shaped Seadragon’s production values and desire for factual accuracy.

With two boys of her own, Caroline is passionate about optimising children’s health, education, and well-being, and is honoured to be the Chair of the Peter Le Marchant Trust. She’s also rather partial to dark chocolate, but don’t tell the Rotters…


More exciting stories are in the pipeline.
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